TextFieldCounter, my first open source project.

Posted on April 25, 2017

UITextField character counter with lovable UX πŸ’–. No math skills required πŸ™ƒ.

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Five months ago (December, 2016) I did my first commit in my first open source project πŸš€.

The idea is simple, with TextFieldCounter you can set the max length of a UITextField quickly, also, it includes a label to show the size of text (it’s possible show it by ascending or descending way - Thanks @jerherrero).

TextFieldCounter is writed in Swift 3.0, but, some days ago (October, 2017) I merged a pull request that makes the component support Swift 4, thanks @darthpelo.

Special Thanks πŸ‘

Special thanks πŸ‘ to @ciceroduarte and @rogerluan

Show me the code

You can check it here. If you liked, give a ⭐️.

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