Git Mini-course

Posted on October 23, 2016

PUC-Campinas’ XVIII Integration Week took place a month ago, and there I had the opportunity to talk about Git. It was an awesome experience, and here I’ll explain why!

The Event

The Integration Week is an event hosted by PUC-Campinas and organized by volunteer students from CEATEC (Center of Exact, Environmental and Technological Sciences), where great activities are offered, like mini courses, lectures, and workshops.

Mini-course’s Objective 🎯

Version control, in general, is an essencial tool in software development process. Nowadays every company in the world use some kind of version control software. The mini course objective was to introduce basic version control concepts and practice it in an activity using Github’s platform.

Material 📚

You can see the keynote below or get it here (in Portuguese 🇧🇷).


In two hours I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with twenty students, but, isn’t just that, this number will change, why am I thinking it? The answer: in 2013 I signed up in an activity like this and three years late I went to the same build to talk about the same subject, Git. Now think about it, if each student that went to mini-course three years ago share the knowledge with a collegue or friend, think about how many people can be impacted by this iniciative.

I am feeling so glad to talk about something that I admire (Git is awesome ♥️) and to help someone to learn it.