Let's talk about Futs 😎

Posted on October 6, 2016

A few days ago I shared here my enthusiasm about my new project, Futs.

Now, after the release, you can get more details, so, let’s go:

What was the big idea? Basically, when you organize a soccer match, some people don’t reply to the invitation (this is bad, I think πŸ˜’), so organizers need to talk to each one to know if the player will go.

Features πŸš€

In the app you can create groups and invite your friends to play with you, once in a group, the user will recieve notifications when some events happen, like a new game avaiable or when the game reach the minimum players.

Next Steps πŸƒ

In the future I want to include special 🌟 features: more notifications, public profile page, players statistic, generate teams and a way to manage group money (sometimes the organizer needs to collect the money).

Finally, you can get the app in App Store here